Ransburg Products

Ransflex Electrostatic Applicator

Ergonomic fit, feel, balance and controls Operators experience less stress on joints and muscles which has proven to lower the risk of RSi and the impact of physical strain, reducing operator fatigue. Redesigned sleek and smooth exterior Makes cleaning and maintenance fast and easy whilst protecting key components. Triple Turbine Protection Three phases of...

Vector Electrostatic Spray Gun

This new electrostatic gun range features improved paint atomisation, transfer efficiency, durability and operator comfort with greatly simplified controls. superior atomisation and transfer efficiency light weight wtih improved operator ergonomics excellent durability quick and simple operation easy to clean and maintain

Ransburg Vector Solo

Model 65kV Cordless, compact electrostatic finishing suitable for applying solvent based materials. Features & Benefits: compact, lightweight, cordless design ergonomically balanced low trigger pull force replaceable cascade low motor spped minimises vibration CE marked and fully ATEX approved Typical applications: aerospace industry general metal spraying commercial and off-road vehicles intricate metal components Model AA90 Cordless,...