Unic Products

Spray Gun Cleaning Systems

We supply a range of water based spray gun cleaning machines offering varying functions and capacities. Please contact PSG for details.

Paint Can Washer

Can washers are normally made to order and can be designed for multiple cans of varying sizes, suitable for water or solvent based paints.  Please contact us if you require further information on any of these products.

Solvent Recyclyer / Spray Gun Cleaner

Combination system for the cleaning of spray guns and recycling of used solvent. Automatic spray gun cleaning Manual washing and rinsing 5 year pump warranty 25 litre recycle capacity Can be used independently as a recycler Fully certificated to EEx d standards Explosion proof controls Removes solvent waste disposal costs Automatic operation Low running...

Solvent Recycler

Reduces solvent waste disposal costs and solvent purchases. Up to 95% solvent recovered Available in 25 litre or 60 litre capacity Economic to run In many cases reduces VOC consumption below licensing level Low maintenance Explosion proof controls Automatic operation Stainless steel construction 3.5-5 hour (25 litre capacity) or 5-7 hour (60 litre capacity)...

Can Crusher

Saves money on waste disposal costs Air operated Fully automatic Compaction up to 80% Double acting Pneumatic Cylinder Safety Interlock 1900 lb / 865 kg force Model UCC-20 Crushes 1 to 6 litre paint or thinner cans in one simple operation Bench or wall mounted Model UCC-25 5500 lb / 2500 kg force Crushes...