Top Coat F69

Product information
Chromate-free epoxy top coat, water reducible, direct adhesion. The F69 Top Coat offers good corrosion protection and excellent chemical resistance.

It is used to protect mountings and sealants, and as a corrosion resistant primer for certain structural parts.
Base F69
Hardener / Catalyst F69
Thinner Water (AIMS 09-00-003 Grade C)
160 g/l (ISO11890-1) and 340 g/l (ASTM D3960)
Qualified in accordance with:

Airbus: AIMS 04-04-009, AIMS 04-04-018, AIMS 04-04-043, AIMS 04-04-047, ABP 4-2128, PQ10050-055-04 (blue), PQ10050-053-03 (grey)

Aircelle: HMRC0131A

Meets the following requirements:

AIPI 05-05-003

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Tech Specs