Henkel Deoxidiser 7/17


Features & Benefits:

Deoxidiser 7/17 is a deoxidising process for aluminium and its alloys. Deoxidiser 7/17 baths have the unique ability to prevent the deposition of metallic copper on aluminium during production Deoxidising/Desmutting operations. Deoxidiser 17 Replenisher (code 79312) is used to replenish and maintain at maximum efficiency baths which have been made up with Deoxidiser No 7 (code 79310) Make-up. Baths can be based upon either nitric or sulphuric acid.

Deoxidiser 17 – Nitric Acid is especially suitable for:

Use in most applications – particularly where water rinsing is marginal
Use on assemblies
Use prior to colour anodising

Deoxidiser 17 – Sulphuric Acid is especially suitable for deoxidisation of aluminium prior to spot-welding. The surface resistance for work remains low for several days after treatment thus facilitating satisfactory spot-welding.

Tech Specs