Loctite Max 2 – Composite Matrix Resin

This unique polyurethane-based resin LOCTITE MAX 2 is extremely fast curing, ensuring more economic processes and improved throughput. In addition, the high-quality resin increases the quality of the finished part. By enabling you to reduce component weight, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Key characteristics

  •  2-componenent PUR matrix resin
  •  Designed for resin transfer moulding with glass or
  •  Carbon fibres
  • Significantly faster cure than standard epoxy resins
  •  Demoulding time 3 to 10 minutes (with accelerator)
  •  Low viscosity ensures more efficient injection without stress to fibres
  •  Mould can be heated up to 120 C to accelerate reaction time
  •  High reactivity
  • Low- reaction exothermy
  •  Post-cure can be performed to ensure full cure(e.g. 1 hour at 150 C)

Your benefits
Lightweight Construction

  •  Allows weight reduction of components by structure – optimisation
  • Contributes to the realisation of future of future CO2 emission targets

Optimised Production Process

  •  Fast manufacturing process
  •  Short cycle times
  •  Excellent wetability of carbon and glass fibres
  •  Outstanding performance

Exceptional quality


  •  High durability and excellent
  •  High flexibility
  •  Outstanding dynamic mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Tech Specs