PERMAGARD Reactive Treatment – REF 308

Permagard Aviation

PERMAGARD specialises in the development and manufacture of highly durable performance and protective coatings for painted surfaces in the aviation, marine and automotive markets.

PERMAGARD treatments are particularly effective in maintaining and prolonging the depth of image, gloss and colour of the painted surface of business aircraft, by providing a barrier which also reduces friction and fills surface scratches.

Features & Benefits of the PERMAGARD product range:

  • Safely and environmentally deep cleans the surface whilst maintaining the hardness of the painted surfaces
  • Significantly helps protect the exterior surfaces against continued absorption and damage from harsh contaminants such as acid rain, carbon, UV damage, fuel, fuel vapour, grease and solvents, fine sand and chemicals used in the maintenance of runways, and the impact of insects
  • Significantly retards deterioration of paint from premature drying and oxidation
  • Extends the surface life of paint by combating the onset of surface corrosion
  • Allows for easier and quicker subsequent routine maintenance washings
  • Reduces down time and labour
  • Reduces the use of water and eliminates the need for detergents
  • Significantly improves the overall appearance of the aircraft
  • Creates “Micro smooth” flight surfaces allowing for a more efficient, uniform airflow by greatly reducing “parasitic drag”, consequently reducing fuel consumption and engine work load (test results carried out on a Gulfstream IV in Australia indicate that the application of PERMAGARD can lead to a reduction in fuel consumption
  • The application of PERMAGARD is environmentally safe.  It contains no toxic ingredients, and its application will not generate any noise pollution, dust or pollutants into the environment, nor will it generate any airborne pollutants or residual waste

PERMAGARD Reactive Treatment – REF 308

  • Concentrated emulsion which forms a highly durable elasticised fillm on all hard slick painted surfaces
  • Antioxidant UV protection
  • Fills micro scratches and polishing swirl marks
  • Quick application procedure
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Treated surfaces will no longer require conventional polishing or waxing

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