Imagine being able to cut as much as 30% from your painting process time. SKYscapes® basecoat-clearcoat paint system saves time and money, while still providing the superior appearance and durability that the aviation industry expects from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace.

Paint Planes Faster

This new system cures at ambient temperature in half the time of other single-stage paint systems. As a result, it allows MRO facilities and their paint shops to add to their bottom line with faster turnaround and adopt lean production practices.

Superior Coatings Technology

The unique two-step process features specially formulated resins that deliver richer color and higher gloss retention. All this while providing improved hiding with thinner films on bright, multi-colored schemes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to meet aviation paint specifications
  • Qualified to AMS 3095
  • Cures at ambient temperature in half the time of other single-stage aerospace paint systems, often eliminating bake-cycles altogether
  • Up to three colours (as opposed to one) can be applied in an eight hour shift
  • Improved opacity can mean fewer coats and reduced film thickness
  • Longer recoat window means little or no sanding required
  • Delivers consistent, superior, durable finish with excellent gloss retention
  • Easier to clean, buff and repair than traditional technologies
  • Special effects available – including pearls, micas and metallics

Factory pack colours available White BAC 7067 CM0850007, Chevron White CM0850513, Marathon White CM0850505, White BAC 733 CM0850104, Snow White CM0850102,

Off White CM0850105, Vestal White CM0850112,  Gray BAC 707 CM0850113, Matterhorn White CM0850103, White BAC 70846 CM0850106, First Star CM0850190,

White Matterhorn CM0850180

Sherwin-Williams SKYscapes Application Process

Tech Specs

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