Zip-Chem Calla


Features & Benefits:

Full range available for interior and exterior cleaning
Products include large surface cleaners for aircraft exteriors, parts cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers, drywash and polishing products
Disinfectants, odour neutralisers
Products meet most specifications such as AMS 1650, MIL-PRF, Boeing, NSN

Product Recommendations:

Exterior Cleaning Products:

Exterior Cleaner: Calla 301A – DfE

One Step Clean, Protect & Polish: Sur-Prep SB-642

CIC Remover: Zip Strip 125 – D6-17487, GAC115AD

Dry Wash: AN-2001-P – CSD-1, AMS 1650B Ty 1 & 2, D6-17487

Polish: Jet Brite 550 – Boeing D6-17487, CSD-1, AMS 1650

Wheel / Flap Wells: Calla 8050 – CSD-1, AMS 1533

Interior Cleaning Products:

Air Freshener: Odor Fresh

Gum Remover: X-200 – AMS 1630, CSD-1

Disinfectant: Calla 1452 – AMS 1452, 1530, 1453

All Purpose: Calla 301a DfE

Interior Cleaner: X-410Q DfE – CSD-1, AMS 1550A

Glass Cleaner: X-405 DfE – ARP 1755B, Rockwell SIL 00-2, AMS 1535, Boeing D6-17487, CSD-1 AMS 1534 Ty 1

Tech Specs

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