3M AF163-2 Film Adhesives – Product Capability Announcement

PSG are pleased to announce that in response to customer demand, we have added to our capability the ability to cut and kit small roll lengths of 3M AF163-2 structural adhesive.

We are now stocking at our Bordon facility in Hampshire, 5 and 10yd rolls, pre cut for immediate despatch in addition to full 50yd rolls
This will allow us to support the demand for small quantities in particular in the composite repair field where the cost of larger MOQ’s and stock availability is a constant challenge.


3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive Film AF 163-2 designates a family of thermosetting modified epoxy structural adhesives in film form which are available in a variety of weights with or without a supporting carrier. Scotch-Weld AF 163-2 films are designed for both solid panel and honeycomb sandwich constructions.

The AF163-2 range of epoxy film adhesives are utilized in aircraft maintenance and to ensure production efficiency. Specially designed for metal bonding, metal to composite bonding, structural bonding and surfacing, these heat-curing, easy handling films are designed to meet numerous customer specs in aerospace manufacturing.

Key Product Benefits

  • AF163-2 films can be cured from 80°C up to 150°C and has high bond strength from -55°C 1250°C
  • AF163-2 demonstrates excellent shop handling characteristics.
  • They exhibit high toughness and peel strength.
  • AF163-2 shows excellent pre-bond humidity performance on composite structures.
  • They are capable of low pressure bonding and vacuum cure.

Product Range

At launch we have the following products available from stock:
Please note that AF163-2 is required to be stored in a freezer at -18°C

Product Specification(s)
AF163-2K.06 BMS 5-101 TY II GR10
BMS 5-101M, PL 114A6030, REV D TY II GR10 TY II GR10
WAMS 50.04, ISSUE 1 W.A.I.S Ni 1, TYPE 1B, SDR 623
AF163-2U .03WT 299-947-320, REV.M.TY IV
PS.0154 ISSUE 3
WAMS 50-04, ISSUE 1 W.A.I.S Ni 1, TYPE 1B, SDR 623