ADDEV Materials Press Release

Since 2016, it has been the ambition of ADDEV Materials Group to become an international leading player in the field of aeronautics, space and defence, by creating a dedicated business unit. The acquisition of the Graytone Group and its subsidiaries Pexa and PSG, is a move towards realising that ambition. Both companies specialise in added value services and expert distribution of surface treatments, coatings, chemicals, composites and other materials mainly dedicated to the aerospace & defence markets. This activity is supported by a high level of customer service and technical expertise.

For more than 10 years, ADDEV Materials has offered its customers innovative and responsible materials solutions, centred around the three key elements “materials – converting – service”. Historically focused on the converting of flexible materials, such as adhesive tapes or technical films, ADDEV Materials has expanded its know-how to liquid custom packaging solutions, adhesives and chemicals, through the acquisition of DIMEX (Toulouse) in 2015 and VMS aircraft (San Diego, USA) in 2016. The acquisition of Pexa and PSG is therefore part of the company’s strategy to expand its supply range of adhesives, sealants and chemicals, to include paints and coatings, together with value added activities such as small batch manufacturing, tinting and decanting.

Pexa and PSG propose an extended offer, complementary to those of ADDEV Materials:
-Pexa, based in Holywell Green in West Yorkshire, in the north of England, has developed a position as a preferred partner for Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings in the UK, France and Spain. Pexa has also recently created a subsidiary in India, laying the foundations for a future strategic platform to support ADDEV Materials’ customers in that region.

– PSG, based in Bordon in Hampshire, south west of London, has been able to forge strong strategic partnerships with world leading manufacturers of specialist aerospace coatings and composites such as PPG Industries, Sherwin-Williams and Henkel.

“We expect excellent synergies from the Graytone project in Europe and Middle East. We believe we can achieve significant cross fertilisation as an “Adhesives & Chemicals” custom made solutions expert, with our worldwide customers, our world-class manufacturers’ partners and our geographical position in Europe and North America” Julien Duvanel, ADDEV Materials CEO and Aerospace & Defense Business Unit CEO.

“The ADDEV Materials business philosophy is very much in line with the Graytone concept, which is to provide a highly extensive product offering, combined with a high level of technical support, added value converting activities and strong customer service orientation.” Graham Yates, Graytone Managing Director.