Def Stan 80-225

PSG is delighted to announce that it has now introduced a proven and tested paint system qualified to Def Stan 80-225.

This standard specifies requirements for a multi-pack cold curing Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) system, in the form of either a near matt Infra-Red Reflecting (IRR) or a gloss non-IRR paint system (both for non-aerospace use), with a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content and suitable, when used with the appropriate primer, for the protection of military vehicles and assets.

The paint system comprises a multi–pack Type 1 primer for ferrous and Type 2 primer for non-ferrous substrates and a multi-pack finish to provide a minimum useful service life of five years in temperate climates. All paint materials which form the paint system are fully compliant with current United Kingdom (UK) Health and Safety, and Environmental Legislation.

The system products are based on existing proven coating technology resulting in exceptionally user friendly application characteristics, specifically in relation to gloss level control of the top coat. This leads to quality assurance and productivity improvements.

For more details on Def Stan 80-225 and PSG’s extensive land defence product offer please contact