Introduction To Composites

Since the 1980s composites materials have primarily been used for secondary wing and tail components such as wing trailing edge panels and rudders.

The usage of composites in the aerospace industry has led to various advantages that include reduction being increased as much as 50% and high impact resistance. These factors amongst others mean that commercial aircrafts, helicopters, business jets and general aviation aircrafts all make substantial use of composites materials and consumables. The advancement and improvement of composites technology continues to advance and excel.


Furthermore, the Aerospace industry continues to utilise the use of composites materials more frequently with Gurit stating:

“This demanding industry was one of the first to use composite materials for an ever-increasing range of applications and remains at the technological forefront of composite development.”

Our aerospace composites offering includes products such as Films Vacuum Bagging Films, Release Films, Sealant Tapes, Peel Plies, Mould Release and Protective Equipment. We are always looking to increase what we offer to our customers on the PSG website.


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