New Interior Colour Program

Sherwin-Williams New Interior Colour Program Adds Almost 300% New Cabin Colours

Aerospace Coatings Selectors add Additional 293% Interior Colours

PSG is the official distributor for Europe and the Middle East PSG and is pleased to confirm that Sherwin-Williams Aerospace has introduced its most comprehensive interior colour selection program to design specifiers and paint shops in the aviation marketplace. The new Interior ColourSelector book and fan deck set includes 107colours, almost three times more than the previous interior selector.

Aerospace Coatings Selectors

The new interior topcoat selector and fan deck set feature the latest opaques, effects and textures for all Sherwin-Williams cabin coating systems including JetFlex®, JetFlex® WR, JetFlex® ELITE, Polane® L and the new Jet Suede™ Soft Feel.

Unique interior colours such as Foggy Forest, Stormy Sea, Steamy Latte, Silvery Moon, Sunset Blush, Coastal Breeze, and Golden Radiance provide interior airline designers with a choice from the latest bright whites and neutral colours to warm hue effects. Each provides interior aircraft surfaces with outstanding stain, abrasion and scratch resistance.

For example, Sherwin-Williams’ Jet Flex ELITE is an OEM-qualified paint system ideal for commercial and private aircraft interiors.  It provides improved appearance and application features, as well as options of either as a single-stage interior product (for colours), or a two-stage system (for whites and light colours).

Designed to offer subtle sophistication and mood enhancement to aircraft interiors, Jet Flex ELITE colours are responsive to LED lighting. These coatings create a subtle glow with highlights and coloured shadows not seen with current interior cabin coatings.  Colour tones have been derived and inspired from Sherwin-Williams’ most popular interior design and architectural colour lines.

Aerospace Coatings SelectorsUsing an interior cabin coating like Jet Flex ELITE is a cost-effective way to improve the passenger experience in both the economy and premium class sections of the aircraft. The new interior colourfan deck features large samples of solid and effect selections. This provides users the opportunity to view colours in large format and to easily compare colours side by side.

Sherwin-Williams cabin coatings are recommended for interior applications and apply

easily to plastic, metal and composite surfaces. Based off Boeing qualified technology (BMS 10-83), JetFlex ELITE and other Sherwin-Williams cabin coatings meet the most stringent requirements for stain and abrasion resistance as well as the FAR / JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release.  

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings provides a variety of premier cabin coatings systems designed to provide a smooth, textured or soft feel finish. It also offers a variety of aerospace primer products specifically designed for aircraft interiors. These primers complement Sherwin-Williams interior aircraft topcoats by assisting with substrate adhesion and hiding profile and surface imperfections.

The new colour tools will be on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 in Hamburg, at both the PSG exhibit booth number 3UA30 and Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings exhibit booth number 5C61.

For more information on aircraft coatings colour selection visit or call PSG + 44 (0) 1428 651246