Bonderite M-CR Alocrom 1200 Brush (Formerly Brush Alocrom 1200)

Features & Benefits:

A rapid process which forms a protective golden coloured conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys. Outside the UK, the Alocrom range of products are marketed under the Alodine trade name. The Brush Alocrom 1200 process is designed for treating aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces which are too large for normal dip or spray washing plant treatment, or for use where production does not justify the installation of expensive equipment. It is also used as a forming treatment over aged anodized or Alocrom treated surfaces prior to painting as specified in DTD 902E, and for touching up damaged areas on such coatings.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance – Alocrom 1200 gives excellent protection against corrosion to both painted and unpainted aluminium surfaces.
  • Flexible adherent coating – Alocrom 1200 coatings are integral with the metal and will withstand bending and deformation of the surface.
  • Maximum paint adhesion – Alocrom provides an excellent foundation for paint.
  • Simple to apply – Alocrom 1200 requires no expensive equipment or skilled labour; it can be applied by brush or swab.
  • Available in kit sizes 2 x 10 kg , 2 x 5 kg and 2 x  1 kg.


Alocrom 1200 is approved to DEF-STAN 03-18, Certificate No. 031801 (including special approval for repairing damaged anodic coating) for use on aircraft, and to MIL-C-5541 (Class 1A).

Product code 172813

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