Fill Bond Putty

Features & Benefits:

Fill Bond putty is specifically formulated for aerospace applications.  Designed to fill rivets, seams and small spot-repair areas on aircraft exteriors, and available in an epoxy version.  It is applied using a manual or pneumatic (air-powered) twin-tube cartridge dispensing gun which automatically mixes the two components to the correct ratio as the putty is dispensed.  The dispensers are resealable for future use.

  • extremely flexible
  • direct to metal adhesion (with properly pre-treated aluminium)
  • minimal waste
  • sands in 2-6 hours
  • spreads easily for smooth application
  • long, workable pot life
  • high film build tolerance
  • high sag resistance

Fill Bond® Aerospace Putty is a technically advanced putty specifically designed to fill rivets, seams and small spot-repair areas on the exterior of the aircraft fuselage and wings. It outperforms all other aviation fillers. See what other aerospace paint facilities have to say about this high-performance, easy-to-apply putty.

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