Film Adhesive

3M AF163-2K .06x36x50yard  BMS5-101/WAMS50-04/MSRR1051.

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive Film AF 163-2 designates a family of thermosetting modified epoxy structural adhesives in film form which are available in a variety of weights with or without a supporting carrier. Scotch-Weld AF 163-2 Films are designed for both solid panel and honeycomb sandwich constructions.

High bond strength from -67°F to 250°F
High fracture toughness and peel strength
Excellent resistance to high moisture environments before and after curing
Short cure time at 225°F (90 minutes)
Capable of low pressure bonding
Vacuum cure capability
X-ray opaque (allows use of x-ray NDI methods)
Excellent shop open time and long shelf life
Scotch-Weld AF 163-3M Film is a higher tack version of Scotch-Weld AF 163-2 Film
Isolating version available (Scotch-Weld AF 163-2G108 Film) for bonding dissimilar substrates
Unsupported versions available for reticulation (Scotch-Weld AF 163-2U Film)

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