JetFlex WR Cabin Interior Water Reducible Finish

Features & Benefits:

Low VOC, one component water reducible polyurethane finish, intended for cabin interiors, as a smooth or textured coating. Suitable for plastic and metal components within the cabin and cockpit areas. Meets the flammability requirements of BMS 10-83 and FAA FAR 25.853. Applied direct to substrate, or over Sprayfil CM0481505 – a one component, low VOC, acrylic latex filler developed to fill and hide profile imperfections.

  • Volatile Organic Emissions of less than 2.3lbs/gallon (275 g/l)
  • Free isocyanate
  • Water based – no flash point & low odour
  • Excellent hardness – good solvent and chemical resistance
  • Full range of low gloss colours available
  • Fast drying – can be air dried or force dried
  • Non-photochemically reactive
  • Reduces exposure to solvent

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