Measuring Instruments

Flow Cups

PSG supplies a range of flow cups to measure the viscosity of paints and varnishes, all engineered to the relevant national standards, including:

  • Afnor
  • BS3900
  • DIN 53.211
  • ASTM D1200
  • ASTM D 4212 Zahn

All cups are precision engineered from hard aluminium alloy.

Certificates of Conformity or Calibration can be supplied for any cup.

Cross Hatch Cutter

Refs 750

Easy to use cutting tool for testing the adhesion of paint coatings, with 1, 1.5, 2 or 3mm spaces between the cutting edges.

Hardened steel cylinder ground to a high standard of precision so that six or eleven cutting edges are formed between the outer edges
Lightweight, comfortable handle for firm hold
Tool can be assembled in eight ways with the use of a retaining thumb screw
Conforms to BS EN ISO 2409: 1995 / BS 3900 E6 / ASTM D3359

The Exacto is a small integrated probe instrument for quick and easy measuring of the dry film thickness.

Three models available:

Exacto/1 Ferrous: conforms to ASTM B 499, ISO 2178
Exacto/2 Non-Ferrous: conforms to ASTM B 244, ISO 2178
Exacto/3 Ferrous/Non-Ferrous (dual version); conforms to all the above

All three models are fitted as standard with statistical evaluation with a large menu driven display for ease of use. Total memory capacity is 90 readings and high and low limits can be set. The range is 0.2mm.


Refs 260, 261, 262, 263

The range of Sheen GLOSSmaster range of glossmeters offer great versatility and ease of use with excellent data handling capabilities.

  • Simple to operate – selection of operating parameters controlled by an in-built scroll wheel
  • Clear visible LCD menu driven display
  • Intelligent auto diagnosis indicates when calibration is required and condition of the standard
  • Easy to calibrate – at the press of a button
  • Lighweight and portable
  • Expanded measurement range now to 2000 Gloss Units allowing measurement of mirror gloss as standard
  • Direct transfer of measurement data from the instrument Excel spreadsheet

Wave Scanner

The production goal of any paint shop is to create a smooth, uniform appearance, and the Sheen Wave-scan Plus guarantees objective evaluation and correlation to the visual, useful for quality control and communication between customer and supplier.

  • Reproducible results on flat lab panels as well as curved parts.
  • For solid and metallic coatings
  • Self-calibration guarantees highly reliable results
  • Portable and battery operated
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Operation according to your own sampling procedure
  • Defect recognition and statistical measurement control deliver representative results at a minimum number of readings
  • Storage of 599 control zones with clear object identification
  • PC interface and software auto-chart for data management, analysis and documentation included

If you don’t see what you need here, or if you require more detailed information or advice on any of these instruments please call the PSG Technical Department on +44 (0)1428 651246 or contact us.