PR 143 Epoxy Primer

Features & Benefits

PR 143 is a two-pack, ambient curing, epoxy primer developed for the internal and external protection of aircraft. The base component contains strontium chromate for long term corrosion inhibition. Fully cured PR 143 possesses excellent resistance to aircraft fluids such as phosphate ester hydraulic oils and, combined with its superior water resistance and adhesion characteristics, offers a significant advantage over conventional epoxy primers.

For details of schemes incorporating this product please consult PSG Technical Department – +44 (0)1428 651246.

Specifications – Approval

  • AIMS 04.04.001/003/004, AVN 7-003
  • AFS 1806, AFS 1835, BS2X33B
  • PPG-DTD900/6064
  • ABR 7-0133

Specifications – Performance

  • Mil-P-23377 type 1 and 2 (black)

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